Ceiba is a federally registered not-for-profit corporation in Canada that provides education and regranting around ibogaine treatments. The foundation has been around since 2020. Their primary activities are granting, either to individuals through our ibogaine treatment grant programs, or to organisations and communities through training and capacity building.

Ceiba consists of a group of ibogaine practitioners and other professionals, who, for many reasons, have come to believe in the healing power of ibogaine. According to them, the ibogaine experience is sacred and transcends beyond what we expect from medical or psychological treatments, and they have experienced deep healing from these experiences.

Ibogaine is not covered by insurance programs anywhere in the world, and current private treatment models will remain inaccessible for many people for some time. Ceiba’s goal through this program is to close the remaining gaps by making ibogaine available to people who can benefit most from it and would otherwise not be able to experience it.

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January, 2020


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