Bexson Biomedical

Bexson Biomedical is developing an innovative preparation of ketamine to treat chronic and acute pain disorders.

Bexson Biomedical

Bexson’s main project is a novel ketamine delivery system, which includes a proprietary formulation enabled by a wearable, minimally invasive, subcutaneous infusion pump with anti-diversion properties.

The company aims to address the limitations of current ketamine formulations to allow dosage control and reduced monitoring.

Bexson raised $4.8 million in a Series A round of financing at the beginning of 2021. Funding will support the company through pre-clinical and GMP manufacturing scale up for its proprietary ketamine formulation, BB106, and the development of a wearable delivery device with leading medical device manufacturer, Stevanato Group.

“Developing New Ketamine Therapies For Large-Market & Orphan Indications”


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Bexson Biomedical Website

October, 2021


B2B Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery

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