Woke Pharmaceuticals

Woke Pharmaceuticals is an Australian biotech company developing novel psychedelic compounds.


Woke’s lead candidates are based on synthetic psilocybin for the treatment of depression. The company is developing a novel micro-dose formulation of psilocybin for moderate depression, and a novel high-dose formulation with concomitant psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression.

Woke is working with researchers at Macquarie University on an upcoming Phase II study assessing the effects of microdosing in people with depression. With 266 participants and funding in the region of $5.6 million AUD, this is one of the largest psychedelic studies to take place in Australia to date. The company is also working with researchers at the University of Western Australia to discover novel analogues of LSD  (lysergic acid diethylamide) for the treatment of anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health disorders.

Company Information

Woke Pharmaceuticals Website

July, 2021


B2B Biotech

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Psilocybin LSD

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HQ / Office 10 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW, Australia