Maya Health

Maya Health aims to scale psychedelic therapies safely and ethically by providing data-driven software for psychedelic therapists to record and optimize health outcomes.


Strongly adhering to the North Star Pledge, their platform was generated through discourse with the community of psychedelic therapists and a desire for equity and reciprocity.

“Maya is a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means our team members, advisors, investors, and supporters are aligned to prioritize purpose over profit. We are laying the foundations of a global environment for psychedelic healthcare to scale safely and effectively…

…At Maya, we know that psychedelic medicine has the power to shift the paradigm of mental healthcare on a global scale. However, the pioneers in psychedelic medicine don’t have an easy way to demonstrate the clinical benefits of their work. Maya is a software platform designed to help psychedelic practitioners manage their practice, measure progress, and illustrate health outcomes, so they can optimize services, scale safely, and help advance psychedelic healthcare.

Maya is the result of almost two years working with the community, carefully developing the outlines of a platform we believe will empower psychedelic practitioners. As this community grows, we will grow with it. We promise to uphold integrity, to honour the lineages of tradition, and to safeguard the flow of data so that it can be used for the benefit of all humankind.”

Maya has raised a total of U$4.3 million in funding over two rounds. Their latest funding was raised from a Seed round on the 17th of December 2021.

The company works together with the non-profit Unlimited Sciences.

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January, 2020


B2B B2C Digital Health / Software / App

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HQ / Office Denver, CO, USA