Journey Colab

Journey Colab aims to develop a portfolio of psychedelic compounds for use in therapy, the first of which is (synthetic) mescaline. The company puts a strong focus on collaborating with non-profits, Indigenous groups, and clinicians.

Journey Colab

Journey Colab is working to synthesize several plant-identical compounds. With a focus on equitable access and inclusive reciprocity, they aim to eliminate socioeconomic barriers to psychedelic therapies and to give back to the communities from which many plant medicines are derived.

“This is a problem of execution, not science.” This phrase from their launching blog in October 2020 captures the ‘third way’ that the company sees itself fitting into the psychedelic landscape. Making stakeholders actual shareholders and pursuing scaling like any other for-profit company.

“Mescaline was one of the first psychedelics to be researched in a western context and has a well-established safety profile and clear clinical benefit. We plan to begin clinical trials in 2021 for Alcohol Use Disorder and are investigating other psychedelic medicines and mental health indications that would benefit from our stewardship approach.”

Journey Colab has pledged 10 per cent of its founding equity to a trust for Indigenous Communities. The trust will use this for funding healthcare or environmental causes like peyote conservation.

On the 2nd of November 2021, Journey Colab raised U$12 million in a Series A round of funding. The funds will be used to support a Phase I trial exploring the effects of mescaline HCL for the treatment of alcohol use disorder.

Key Staff

  • Jeeshan Chowdhury – CEO
  • Jennifer Pisansky – COO
  • Stutton King – Chief Impact Officer
  • Daniel Claussen – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Robin Carhart-Harris – advisor
  • Sara Reed – advisor


Company Information

Journey Colab Website

October, 2020


B2C Pharmaceutical

Topics of Interest
Alcohol Use Disorder Equity and Ethics

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HQ / Office San Francisco, CA, USA