Enosis Therapeutics

Enosis Therapeutics is an Australian medical technology and psychedelic research company that leverages virtual reality (VR) for the contextual modulation of psychedelic therapy to improve treatment outcomes.


Enosis introduces clinical protocols and VR scenarios into clinical trials to strengthen psychedelic research and curates therapeutic sessions to offer them to all Australians. The team at Enosis believes that VR gives us an opportunity to capitalize on the most powerful, experiential aspects of the psychedelic healing process, by tapping into non-cognitive, emotional and embodied therapeutic pathways.

They have recently completed the world’s first study on the synergistic application of VR and psychedelics which was led by researchers and co-founders of Enosis, Agnieszka Sekula and Prash Puspanathan.

Company Information

Enosis Therapeutics Website

June, 2020


B2B B2C Digital Health / Software / App

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HQ / Office level 2/365 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia