Breaking Convention 2025

Breaking Convention 2025, scheduled from April 17th to 19th, is set to reconvene as a distinguished multidisciplinary conference focused on the exploration and study of psychedelic substances. Hosted in the esteemed environment of the University of Exeter, this notable event continues its tradition of bringing together a diverse group of individuals, including scientists, researchers, artists, and psychedelic enthusiasts from across the globe.

Spanning three full days, the conference promises a rich and varied program. Attendees can expect an array of engaging activities such as keynote speeches from leading figures in the field, insightful panel discussions, interactive workshops, and unique artistic performances. These sessions are designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted world of psychedelics, encompassing their therapeutic potential, spiritual significance, and cultural impact.

Emphasizing an atmosphere of collaboration and open discourse, Breaking Convention 2025 aims to foster connections across different disciplines. This approach is intended to deepen the collective understanding of psychedelics and encourage innovative approaches in research, policy-making, and societal integration. The conference serves as a catalyst for inspiring new ideas and discussions, contributing significantly to the advancement and responsible use of psychedelic substances.

With the call for papers opening in the summer of 2024, the event presents a unique opportunity for experts and newcomers alike to contribute their insights and research. Breaking Convention 2025 stands as a beacon for those interested in the future of psychedelic studies, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and the cultivation of a progressive psychedelic community.

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Type of Event: Conference

Audience: Academic Students General Population

Dates: 17 - 19 April 2025

Price: $ 190 - 360