Virtual Psychedelics

Virtual Psychedelics are using virtual reality to enhance the psychedelic experience. By creating the optimal ‘set and setting’ for patients undergoing psychedelic-assisted therapy in virtual reality, the company hopes to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the experience.

In April 2021, Virtual Psychedelics joined forces with Lobe Sciences to develop the Krysalis Pod. The Krysalis Pod will be designed as a headset-free, virtual experience that uses multi-sensory stimulation to create an application that can offer treatment options for cognitive, psychological, motor and functional impairments across a wide range of clinical health conditions.

Virtual Psychedelics

“To optimize the use of Virtual eXperience in concert with psychedelic therapy to heal the human spirit”

Company Information

Virtual Psychedelics Website

March, 2020


B2B B2C Digital Health / Software / App

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HQ / Office Toronto, ON, Canada