Delix Therapeutics

Delix Therapeutics is a drug development company focusing on novel psychedelic formulations.

Delix Therapeutics

One of their main focuses is the commercialization of non-hallucinogen variation of ibogaine (tabernanthalog) as medicine for opioid use disorder and mental health treatment overall.

The company was founded by David E. Olson.

In September 2021, Delix raised U$70 million over a series A financing round. They are using the proceeds to advance two lead candidates through Phase 1 clinical trials, further expand its drug discovery platform of novel neuroplasticity-promoting compounds known as psychoplastogens, and continue to rapidly grow its world-class team.

From the website “Delix Therapeutics is applying modern tools of pharmaceutical development to some of nature’s most ancient therapies, psychedelics. Through its discovery platform, Delix has identified a class of non-hallucinogenic versions of psychedelic compounds with favorable safety and therapeutic profiles. Delix is rapidly advancing these compounds through preclinical and clinical development, with the goal of one day alleviating mental suffering through its FDA-approved, take-home medicines.


Company Information

Delix Therapeutics Website

January, 2019


B2C Pharmaceutical Biotech

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Company News

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HQ / Office Boston, MA, USA