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Published: 16 November 2022

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Chemistry Palliative Care

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Psychedelics Today
Psychedelics Today is an educational website that offers courses on psychedelics and their therapeutic applications. Psychedelics Today is also known for its long-running podcast (nearing 400 episodes), which has featured guests like Matthew Johnson, James Fadiman, and David Nutt.

Companies Mentioned 🏢

MindMed is one of the largest companies in the psychedelics space and is developing various psychedelics for mental health disorders.

Host(s) and Guest(s)

Marc Aixala
Marc Aixala is the author of Psychedelic Integration and is associated with ICEERS, where he is the director of integration and support services.

Key People Discussed

Joshua Rosenblat
Joshua Rosenblat is a psychiatrist and clinician-researcher at the Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit at the University of Toronto. He is also the Medical Director of the Canadian Rapid Treatment Centre of Excellence (CRCTE), Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of Braxia Scientific and co-founder of 1907 Research.

Research Papers Discussed

Predictors Of Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder Symptoms, Delusional Ideation And Magical Thinking Following Naturalistic Psychedelic Use (November 2022)
This pre-print survey (n=654 start, n=212 end) finds that 33% report a symptom of HPPD (e.g. intensified colours after the trip is finished), but only 3% report the symptoms as disturbing. The study also finds that the personality trait absorption predicts increases in magical thinking at the end-point (4-weeks).

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Breaking Convention 2023 (April 2023)
The 6th Breaking Convention takes place in the UK on 20-22 April 2023. Breaking Convention is Europe's largest conference on psychedelic consciousness and is now in its eleventh year.