The Viability of Microdosing Psychedelics as a Strategy to Enhance Cognition and Well-being – An Early Review

This 2019 review examines the viability of microdosing psychedelics as a method to improve cognition and well-being. Available evidence indicates a variety of benefits including improvements in mood, focus, and creativity, with some people experiencing no discernible effects or expressing concerns about selective negative consequences like increased anxiety, however, most insights stem from observational studies using convenience samples that are biased or unrepresentative of the general population.


Review: Psychedelic substances are currently experiencing a renaissance in interest for both therapeutic as well as recreational applications. It has been proposed that microdosing, i.e., ingesting sub-perceptual doses of a psychedelic, could confer some of the benefits of these substances to users while minimizing the risks associated with full-dose use. This review aimed to summarize and examine the extant literature on psychedelic microdosing. Exploratory evidence published to date indicates a variety of benefits reported by microdosers including improvements in mood, focus, and creativity, with some null reports, and a minority of people reporting selective negative consequences such as increased anxiety and physiological discomfort. Methodological limitations of current evidence, however, make definitive conclusions hard to draw. Recommendations for future research are given.”

Authors: Joel Bornemann

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