Efficacy of ketamine for major depressive episodes at 2, 4, and 6-weeks post-treatment: A meta-analysis

This meta-analysis (41 studies; 5 at 6-weeks post-treatment) found ketamine to be effective up to 6 weeks later when ketamine was used for the treatment of depressive episodes (MDD, bipolar). The effects found, at all three follow-up points, were large (g = -1.28 to -1.36).


Rationale: Major depressive episodes are severe mood episodes which occur both in major depressive disorder and bipolar I and II disorder. Major depressive episodes are characterized by debilitating symptoms that often persist and interfere with typical daily functioning. Various treatments exist for major depressive episodes; however, most primary pharmacologic treatments may take weeks to months to provide relief from depressive symptoms. Ketamine is a demonstrated treatment for major depressive episodes, as relief from depressive symptoms can occur rapidly following treatment.

Objectives: Prior meta-analyses have been conducted to analyze the effectiveness of ketamine for the treatment of major depressive episodes, but at the time of this writing, no meta-analysis had been conducted to observe ketamine treatment efficacy beyond 2 weeks.

Methods: The present meta-analysis evaluated the efficacy of ketamine for the treatment of major depressive episodes; observations of depressive episode severity were analyzed at 2, 4, and 6-weeks post-treatment.

Results: The present meta-analysis observed large effects at 2 weeks (g = -1.28), 4 weeks, (g = -1.28), and 6 weeks (g = -1.36) post-treatment.

Conclusions: The results from the present meta-analysis indicate that ketamine can be an effective pharmacologic intervention for major depressive episodes, with treatment effects lasting up to 6 weeks post-ketamine administration, which has many positive implications for treatment.

Authors: Ashley A. Conley, Amber E. Q. Norwood, Thomas C. Hatvany, James D. Griffith, Kathryn E. Barber

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