SoundMind Institute

SoundMind Institute is a psychedelic facilitator training and research initiative focusing on bringing ethics, equity, and innovation to the psychedelic ecosystem.

Founded by Dr. Hannah McLane, a physician, psychoanalyst, and entrepreneur, the company is dedicated to advancing the field of psychedelic therapy by promoting ethics, equity, and innovation. With a focus on neuroscience and mental health, SoundMind Institute offers a range of services, including training for facilitators and therapists, research studies, and access to treatment for individuals suffering from mental health conditions.

The company has a strong emphasis on providing access to care for marginalized communities, and Dr. McLane’s background in contemplative studies, global health, and bioethics inform the company’s approach. SoundMind Institute is based in Philadelphia and Oregon and operates a psychedelic therapy center in Philadelphia, in addition to offering retreats in Oregon and Costa Rica. The company is at the forefront of the growing field of psychedelic therapy and is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals suffering from mental health conditions through the use of psychedelic medicine.

Company Information

SoundMind Institute Website

January, 2021


Educational / Training Clinic

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HQ / Office Oregon, USA