Numinus is a Canadian company trying to create a platform for the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Working together with researchers, yet also wanting to see how to make it commercially viable. The two founders both came here from personal experiences.


The company (September 2020) acquired the license to extract psilocybin from mushrooms for research. This is but one of their arms (Bioscience) and with the other parts of the company they aim to provide psychedelic therapies (Wellness).

There is more information on this in their investor presentation. Interestingly, they will use cannabis testing revenue to fuel (parts of) their growth.

The company was listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in May 2020. In December 2020 it acquired Mindspace Wellbeing, a Montreal-based health/therapy company.

As of March 2021, Numinus has raised a total of $51.1 million (US) following the closure of a bought deal financing offering.

In April 2022, the acquisition of Novamind, another clinic operator in North America, was announced.

One trial that the company is planning (PRIME) will investigate psilocybin-assisted therapy for substance use disorder (SUD).

Dr. Gabor Maté has joined their advisory board in May 2020, Dennis McKenna (and others) on October 2020.

Key Staff

  • Payton Nyquvest – Chairman & CEO
  • Evan Wood – CMO
  • John Fong – CFO
  • Michael Tan – COO
  • Stacey Wallin – CSO
  • Kraig Docherty – CPO (people)
  • Gabor Maté – advisory board
  • Dennis McKenna – advisory board


Company Information

Numinus Website

February, 2019


B2C Clinic

Topics of Interest

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