Blossom Update – March 2022

This February we’ve finished our first extended topic report. Next to the information that is available for everyone, we’ve made a downloadable version available to our paying members of the ‘Psychedelics & Depression‘ topic.

Next to this milestone, we also added a lot more information to our database, including updates to the courses and additional information for our corporate members. If you’re interested in our memberships, do check out the benefits.

These are the milestones that we achieved this February 2022:

  • Completed extended report (depression) for members
  • Landed 1 new customers, continued work with another
  • Published 8 new articles
  • Revamped our courses website
  • Added some, but not too many, interactive graphics (e.g. here)
  • Didn’t launch the map project as partner is taking a bit more time

March 2022 Blossom Plans

In the coming month, we’re looking to partner with more companies on writing deep dives into specific parts of the psychedelics (as medicine) industry.

If you’re at a company that would like to showcase information about psychedelics – from whichever angle makes the most sense to you – please do get in touch with us.

We will also continue expanding the information available to members, making the subscription options even more valuable than they are now.

These are the milestones that we’re working towards in March 2022:

  • Launch the map project (pending partner)
  • Add several (interactive) infographic pages based on our databases
  • Publish another extended .pdf of topic
  • Partner with 2 more companies on information products
  • Add more detailed information only for members

See our roadmap for more information.

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