Blossom Update 4 – Things are Starting to Come Together

It’s been a while since the last update and many things have changed on this website. What has stayed the same is the relentless drive to better organize psychedelic research to make it more accessible.

That way, psychedelic research should find an easier route towards psychedelic therapy and coaching. To help both with mental health and creativity.

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Recap of the last six months

Most attention has gone to this website, the backbone of all my other work. For Blossom Analysis the amount of papers has been substantially updated and now boasts 540 papers, of which more than half have been added this January.

This has been made possibly by recruiting the help of three research assistants who have been a great help with adding papers and their meta data.

The website now features papers (540), people (146), companies (253), books (58), and courses (53).

Unfortunately I haven’t been working actively on the ‘psychedelics and …’ pages, but have made various ‘top 10 papers about …’ which are a somewhat quicker take on psychedelic research. These posts have been made in collaboration with the MIND Foundation.

The (near) daily updates about papers and news have also continued and you can follow along on the blog and Twitter.

Psychedelics Courses was finally remade and now allows for easy searching through the many courses there are on offer today. The same goes for Psychedelics Books which does need to be further filled in with publications.

Next to these projects, I’ve been volunteering time for the OPEN Foundation (helping organize ICPR 2020) and setting up the Coaching & Psychedelics group at the MIND Foundation.

Immediate plans for Blossom

The top priority for Blossom (Analysis) is getting the final 300 papers (with meta data) published. There will always be more papers to add, but this number (900) of papers should include all the seminal papers in the field.

On top of this layer, I will then continue building the ‘psychedelics and …’ pages and ‘top 10 papers about …’ reports.

The other side-projects such as Psychedelics Courses and Psychedelics Books will continue to develop, but no major changes are expected at this time. The same goes for my own coaching practice, which has been on COVID-halt for a while now and may pick up in another quarter this year.

You can find more detail and the latest plans on the roadmap page.

Personal reflections on the progress

Every entrepreneur wants things to go faster, underestimates how long things will take, and sees a potential future not yet realized. This description of ‘every’ entrepreneur may be wrong, but it does apply to me personally.

This is both a strength (I believe) and a pitfall. If I had asked around a bit more, I might have worked on more systems to automatically add papers vs doing everything by hand. Or I would have earlier asked for help and had the three (part-time) research assistants much earlier.

That being said, I’m really happy with how things are coming together. The website traffic is climbing steadily and the first paying members are here.

In ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon, the author gives 10 tips on sharing your work. A thread through all of that is that you should also share your process, so here is a bit of that for you. Expect more behind the scenes starting now.

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